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Float offers different access rights for your team members to ensure everyone has just the access they need. Help your team stay on track by personalizing permissions based on your team’s unique organizational structure and workflows.

Access rights for people on the Schedule can be managed on the People page. Access rights for guests can be managed on the Guests tab in Team settings.


Members have read-only access to view their schedules, everyone's schedules, or one or more departments' schedules.

Members with read-only access can:

  • Mark their own allocations as completed

  • Log their own time on projects they belong to (if using time tracking)

  • Sync their Float schedule to Outlook or Google Calendar

  • View reports for the projects they belong to

    📝Note: Members do not have access to view rate and budget information in the reports.

Assign member access to team members. Member access is best for team members who need to view the schedule and log their time.

Members can also be given individual edit access that lets them:


Manager access rights offer personalized permissions that clarify who manages what within your team. Managers can be assigned to manage people, projects, or both people and projects.

Project Manager

Project Managers can do everything that Members with edit access can. You can assign them to manage as many projects as you need. They also can:

  • Edit projects they've been added to

  • Manage allocations and logged time on projects they've been added to

  • Edit project budgets and employee rates (if granted access)

  • Invite new Project Managers and Members to join Float (if granted access)

📝Note: Project Managers do not have the power to delete projects unless they are the Project Owner.

Assign project manager access on the Access tab in a manager's profile to give them access to schedule allocations and manage projects.

💡 Here's a tip: Only Admins and the Account Owner can grant a Project Manager access to view project budgets and people rates.

People Manager

People Managers are in charge of individual people or entire departments. They can view everyone's schedules if granted access or just the departments they need. They can:

📝Note: People Managers cannot create or edit any projects within Float unless they are given Project Manager access.

Assign people manager access on the Access tab in a team member’s profile to give them access to schedule and approve time off for the people they manage.


Admins oversee all of the people and projects within Float. They also have access to the Team settings, where they can manage the general account settings, team preferences, clients, departments, time off types, and more.

📝Note: Admins do not have access to the billing or integration settings, nor can they close the account.


Guests with Billing access have the same access rights as Admins but with additional access to manage billing and subscription details. The Billing access right can only be assigned to guest users.

Invite a guest with billing access to your Float team.

Account Owner

The Account Owner has unrestricted access to Float. By default, the Account Owner is the person who created the account. They can transfer account ownership to another team member at any time on the General tab in Team settings.

Diagram of access rights available in Float - account owner, admins, managers, members.

Set a project owner

The Project Owner is the person in charge of an individual project. Anyone with access rights assigned in Float can be set as the Project Owner of a project.

Their avatar is displayed next to the project on the Projects page, and they can filter by My projects on the Schedule to view a list of the tasks assigned to the projects they own. If the Project Owner is ever deleted from Float, the Account Owner takes ownership of their projects.

Assign a project owner to a project on the Team tab in the project profile.

📝Note: Members assigned as the Project Owner cannot edit any project details.

Updating access rights in bulk

You can also bulk update access rights as needed. This is helpful for bigger teams where you need to make multiple changes at once. Learn more about bulk updates here.

💡 Here's a tip: For a quick overview of your team’s access rights, click Access on the People page to sort your team by access rights.

Sort your team by access on the People page.

Looking for more tips on getting started with access rights?
Check out our masterclass on setting up access rights for your Float team.

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