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Manage clients

Create, edit and remove your customers

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Add a client

Clients are the individuals or organizations you work on projects for. They can be added in two places:

1) From the Info tab within each project's menu. This action can be performed by all the team members with project edit rights. 

Adding a new client in project's menu.

2) From the Clients tab within your Team settings. In this section, the Account Owner and users with Admin access rights can add and edit the list of clients. 

Adding a new client in Team settings.

Edit the client's name

​To edit the name of the customer, click on the pencil icon at the far right of the page. Once you enter the new name, click the checkmark icon to save the changes.

Editing the client's name.

Delete a client

​To delete the client, click on the trash bin icon. Note that this action will remove the client from any projects that they are currently assigned to.

Removing the customer.

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