Standardize your team's roles based on how you estimate and plan work

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Role assignment

Each team member can be assigned a Role in the Info tab of their profile. Every Role in use is available from the drop-down for quick assignments.

Assigning role to a team member

If you want to update the Role for several team members, you can use the bulk edit function on the People page.

Bulk-updating roles on People page.

Search and filter

Once Roles have been assigned to all team members, it is easy to find the right person for the job by searching for a specific Role on your Schedule or Project plan.

Filtering by the role on Schedule.

You can also sort your team by Roles alphabetically.

Sorting by the role on Schedule.

๐Ÿ“Note:ย Align the Roles you use in Float and update any internal governance documentation so your resource managers know which Roles to filter by.

Managing Roles

The Account Owner and the Admins can see an overview of all the Roles on the Roles page within the Team settings. This is where Roles can be added, edited, or deleted.

Team settings, managing Roles.

Once you have a well-managed set of Roles for your team at Float, it will be easier (and faster!) to find the right person for the job.

๐Ÿ“Note: If you charge by seniority level, we recommend that you include this in the role name so that you can filter by people at different rate levels, e.g. Senior Art Director vs. Art Director.

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