Archiving people lets you remove them from the Schedule without deleting their data. This is useful when a person leaves the team but you don't want to remove their past work, or for when you want to open up a seat without making a change to your subscription.

From the Actions menu within a person's profile, select Move to archive. To restore a person to the schedule, select Unarchive

💡 Here's a tip:  Archiving a person does not prevent them from logging into their account. You must remove their access as well. 

Additional Info: 

  • You can archive more than one person at once using Multi-select.

  • Archived users can be seen on the People and Reports pages by filtering the view to "Archived". 

  • Archiving users does not impact billing. While you are not charged for archived users, you must downgrade your plan from within the Team Settings in order for the changes to take effect. 

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