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Archive a person
Archive a person

Remove a person from the Schedule and keep their historical data for your reports

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Archiving a person removes them from the Schedule without deleting any of their historical data. This is useful when a person leaves the team or when you want to free up a seat on your Float plan.

To archive a person open their profile, click Actions at the bottom-right of the window and select Move to archive.

Archiving a person.

If you want to archive several team members, you can do it in bulk on the People page.

Bulk-archiving people on the People page.

​📝Note: Archiving a person removes their access rights and prevents them from logging into Float. All their historical data remains retained for reporting purposes. 

Activate an archived profile

To restore a person to the Schedule:

  1. Access the People page and select the filter for Archived.

  2. Select the checkbox beside the people you'd like to restore.

  3. Click the button labeled Activate and follow the prompts to confirm.

Activating an archive person.

Activated people do not gain account access automatically. If you'd like them to access the account, you need to assign them access rights in the Access tab of their profile. Once you enter their email address, you will be able to send them an invite with Update&invite person.

Assigning access rights in the Access tab.
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