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Departments make it easy to organize your team into groups. You can sort and filter the Schedule by department or limit a team member's view to one or more departments.

Select a department for a team member

Managing departments and sub-departments

An Admin or Account Owner can see an overview of all the departments from the Departments tab within the Team settings. This is where you can see how many people are in a particular department, add sub-departments, or delete departments you no longer need.

📝Note: If you're a Manager looking to add or edit sub-departments for your own department, reach out to an Admin or Account Owner for your team to request any updates.

Manage departments, add-sub-departments, or delete departments

Sub-departments allow greater flexibility to add a team within a department in Float. For example, you may have frontend, backend, and mobile teams within an Engineering department.

To add a sub-department, click the plus icon for the department and add the sub-department name:

Add the sub-department name

💡Here's a tip: Once you've added a new sub-department, you can assign people in bulk to the new sub-department using the bulk actions menu on the People page.

Assign multiple people to a department

Assigning a manager to a department or sub-department

A People Manager for a department or sub-department could schedule and approve time off for that group of team members. An Admin or Account Owner can assign a manager to a department or sub-department on the People page:

  1. Click the manager's name on the People page to open up their profile.

  2. Select Access and assign People Manager access rights.

  3. Select Manages to assign departments or sub-departments to the manager.

Assign a manager to a department

To limit a person's view to a specific department or sub-department, select Can view -Departments from the Access tab within their profile. They will only see the people, projects, and activities related to their viewable departments or sub-departments.

Select departments a team member can view
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