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The activity feed communicates who made a change, what they changed, and when they changed it. The Account Owner or an Admin can access the activity feed from the Activity tab within the Team Settings. We store your team's activity on a rolling 7-day basis.

Plus Pack enhanced activity feed

Teams using Plus Pack can review their team's activity for the last 180 days and have access to additional filters that make reviewing changes made in Float more efficient.

Some of the search filters available include:

  • Project activity

  • People activity

  • Created by activity

  • Updated by activity

  • Deleted by activity

  • All activity actioned by a person

πŸ“Note: The Account Owner can enable a free 30 day trial of Plus Pack from the Billing tab within the Team Settings. In addition to advanced team activity, Plus Pack includes:


  • Lock logged time

  • Require sign in with Google

  • Domain restrictions

  • Dedicated account manager and access to priority support

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