Single sign-on and Google Sign-in

Control how your team signs in to their Float account

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SAML single sign-on

Single sign-on allows you to log in via your company’s identity provider, removing the need to remember your Float credentials. It’s a safe and secure way to log into multiple apps.

SSO is available on the Pro and Enterprise plans and can be set up by your Account Owner. Float is officially supported by three identity providers Azure AD, OneLogin, and Okta.

To get started, navigate to the Security tab within the Team Settings and select Configure.

Team settings, security, SSO setup.

Then enter:

  • SAML 2.0 Endpoint URL (HTTP)

  • Identity Provider Issuer

  • X.509 Certificate

You can require SSO for sign-in or allow your team to use their Float password still if they'd like.

Configuring SSO.

Sign in with Google

We also support hassle-free signup and sign-in using your Google account.

To sign up using your Google account use the Google option when starting a trial.

Sign up to Float using Google.

Team members you invite to Float will also have the option to sign in using their Google account, requiring no Float password.

If you are an existing Float user and your username matches your Google account email, you can log in using either a Float username and password or the Google sign-in button.

To sign in using your Google account, click the Sign in using Google on the login page.

Signing in to Float with Google account.

Teams on the Pro and Enterprise plans can require team members to use Google sign-in. The Account Owner can set it up in the Security tab of Team settings. 

Team settings, security, sign in with Google required.

💡 Here's a tip: If you've signed up using a Google account but would prefer a Float password, create a password from within your Profile settings by completing the password field.

Sign in with a magic link on mobile

If you are using the mobile app, we can email you a magic link so you can sign into Float without typing in a password.

Click Send me a magic link, enter your email, and then select Sign in to Float within the email to log into your account. This is a safe, secure way to access Float on your mobile device.

Signing into Float mobile app with the magic link.

Additional notes

  • ​If you are using Sign in with Google and have changed your email address or domain, please contact us at so we can update it on our end. Otherwise, you won't be able to log into your account.

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