The Time Tracking feature is currently in beta. Send us a message at if you'd like to try it out!

Time tracking provides an easy way to measure how long your team spends on their assigned tasks. You can compare a person's scheduled time against their actual time to improve your team's efficiency, bill your clients more accurately, and forecast future projects more confidently.

Click the Log Time tab at the top of Float to get started...

Logging Time 

Each team member will see a weekly view of their scheduled tasks. They can enter the number of hours it took them to complete each task, or simply hit Log if the scheduled time is correct.  

Once a task is logged, its time is added to the weekly total at the top of the page and to your Reports. 

You can also log time for new tasks or remove tasks that are no longer relevant directly from the Log Time page. 

New reports: Compare Scheduled vs. Logged

The Reports page gives you a true view of both the estimated time that appears on the Schedule, and the actual time that your team records on the Log Time page. 

You can view both your logged time and scheduled time in isolation, your logged and future scheduled timed together, or compare your logged vs. scheduled time for both your people and projects. 

Shortcuts ⚡

  • Undo: Ctrl Z  (PC) or Command Z  (Mac)
  • Switch weeks: Left / right arrows
  • Jump to today: / 
  • Log all task in a day: Rollover date, click Log all 

Helpful Notes: 

  • Multi-day tasks on the Schedule appear as individual tasks on the Log Time page to accurately capture daily time.
  • If you log time for one day of a repeating task, it doesn't affect the other scheduled tasks.
  • Tentative tasks don't appear on the Log Time page.
  • Adding or removing a task from the Log Time page does not affect the task on the Schedule. 
  • Marking a task complete on the Schedule does not have any impact on the task on the Log Time page. 


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