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An overview of the features and functionality of the People and Projects pages

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The People and Projects pages provide an easy overview of your team and work, so you can quickly manage them in bulk or individually.

On both pages, you can use the filter searches to narrow down the results. The filters will persist from other page views if you are already navigating around the application with a particular search applied.

You can either have the lists automatically sorted alphabetically by name, or you can sort by the column headers. Sorting by a specific value will sub-sort by the variants of the column value, then sort alphabetically in nested lists.

You can use the checkboxes on the left to select and bulk-manage people or projects.

Filtering by department on the People page and bulk-editing.

💡Here's a tip: Access rights control whether or not a specific user can see the People and Project pages. Members have no access by default. For other permission levels, individual settings will control who and what they can see.

People page

The People page lists all active and archived users and sorts them by name, role, department, access rights, tags, type, and the people they manage. This is where you can add new teammates, edit the existing ones, and archive or delete them. This is also where you can import/export your team.

People page view of Active and Archive users.

📝Note: Guests do not display on the People page. The account owner and users with admin access rights can review them in Team settings > Guests.

Projects page

The Projects page lists all active and archived projects and sorts them by name, client, tags, status, budget, start/end date, and owner. This is where you can add a new project, create and manage project templates, and import/export the list of your projects. 

Projects page view.

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