People are your full or part-time employees, temporary contractors, and any other resource you want to schedule in Float.

  1. From the People page, select + Person.

  2. Fill out their basic information and click Add person. Be sure to include an email address and access rights if you want them to be able to log in.

💡 Here's a tip: You can also add a new person from the Schedule or People page by using the keyboard shortcut "E".

📝Float Note: We're continuously ​improving Float, so some features may look ​slightly ​different than they appear on video.

People Info

The Info tab contains general information about the person.

  • Job Title - Every job title in use is available from the drop-down menu for quick assignments.

  • Department - You can sort and filter the Schedule by department or limit a person's view to one or more departments.

  • Tags - Tags are a great way to identify individual skills and talents within your team. You can sort and filter any page by a tag.

  • Type - There are three account types: Employee, Contractor, or Placeholder. All can be excluded from your reporting. Find out more about using the Placeholder role.

  • Hourly Rate - A person's default rate is applied to any new projects you create. You can also set project-specific rates for your team.

People Access

Assigning access rights to a person sends them an invitation to join your team and lets them log into Float.

The invitation to log in for the first time expires after seven days. If the link expires or the invitation email is misplaced, you can hit the Resend Invite option within the person's profile to send another invitation.

There are four different access rights available to team members who appear on the Schedule.

  • Member - They have read-only access to one of the following: their Schedule, all people, or a specific department/s.

  • Project Manager - They can invite new Project Managers and Members to Float, create new projects, edit any tasks assigned to their Schedule, and edit any projects they've been added to via the Team tab.

  • Department Manager - They can invite new Department Managers, Project Managers, and Members to Float and schedule and manage tasks, time off, and logged time for people within their departments. They cannot edit or create projects.

  • Admin - They can do everything when it comes to your people and projects, and have access to most Team Settings.

Check out the Access rights article for more info on the different access rights available in Float.

💡 Here's a tip: To update a team member's email address after they've been assigned access, you must remove their access first (click the "X") and then the email field becomes editable.

People Availability

  • Start and end date - Setting a start or end date blocks out the days immediately before or after and reduces a person's availability to zero. It's great for onboarding new hires or maintaining a historical record of past team members' work without impacting your reporting.

  • Full-time/part-time - Your team's default work hours per day and work days per week can be set from the Preferences tab within the Team Settings. Marking a person as part-time allows you to adjust an individual team member's availability without impacting anyone else. Find out more about setting custom availability.

  • Public holidays - You can add regional holidays to specific members of your team. Find out more about assigning holidays to your team.

  • Notes - The character limit for notes is 1500 characters. The notes field also supports hyperlinks.

People Projects

The Projects tab is where you can view the projects your team members are a part of. Assigning a task on the Schedule automatically adds the project to the person's list.

Adding a new project from the Assign a Project field will give Members the ability to schedule tasks for that project and Project Managers permission to make changes to the project.

💡 Here's a tip: To quickly remove all instances of a task from a team member's schedule, click the "X" next to the project.

Additional Information

  • You can set a profile picture so your team can put a face to all the great work that you do. Here's how to add a picture to your profile.

  • If you want to resend a team member's invitation and there is no resend link available, it means that the invitation has already been accepted. If a team member has trouble logging in, they can request a password reset.

  • Guests can view and edit in Float but don't appear on the Schedule. You can have an unlimited number of guest users for free. Here's how to add a guest.

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