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Bulk update people
Bulk update people

Archive, assign, delete, or edit multiple people at once

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The bulk actions menu helps you manage your team in just a few clicks. Select one or more people on the People page to bring up the available actions.

Select multiple team members to view the bulk actions menu for people.

Edit - There are seven fields that can be edited in bulk: role, department, tags, type, hourly rate, public holidays, and access.

Edit the role, department, tags, type, hourly rate, public holidays, and access for multiple team members.

πŸ’‘ Here's a tip: If you select multiple People Managers, you'll see an additional Manages field so that you can assign departments to multiple People Managers. Learn more about bulk updating access rights here.

Assign to project - Assigns multiple team members to a project team. Once assigned to the project, the team members will appear on the Team tab on the project profile.

Assign multiple people to a project.

Archive - Removes the selected people from the Schedule and frees up their seats on your Float plan. Archived people will still appear on the People and Report pages using the Archived filter. Learn more about archiving team members here.

πŸ“Note: To delete people in bulk, the profiles must be archived first. Deleting team members is permanent, and all scheduled and logged time for these team members cannot be restored.

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