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Tags are a great way to identify and track important project information in Float. You can filter any page by a project tag.

To create a new tag, type the name into the Tags field within the Info section of the project side panel or select an existing tag from the drop-down.

adding tag on project side panel

πŸ“Note: All tags appear gray by default. The account owner and users with admin access rights can change a tag color from within theΒ Team settings.

Project tags are displayed within the project menu and next to the project on the Projects page.

Tags on the Projects page.

πŸ’‘ Here's a tip: You can assign tags to multiple projects at once using the bulk actions menu.

Manage tags

The Account Owner and Admins can manage project tags from the Tags tab within the Team settings.

Tag management page in Team settings.

This is where new tags can be created, edited, or removed. You can also see how many projects are currently using a particular tag and who created it. Hovering over a tag lets you edit or delete that tag.


Editing and removing projects tags.

πŸ“Note: Deleting a tag from this page will remove all instances of that tag from Float.

You can change the name of an existing tag or assign it a color (e.g., assign a red tag to projects that are falling behind and a green tag to projects that are on track to indicate how things are going).

Assigning a colour to a project tag.

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