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Organize your team using people tags

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Tags are a great way to identify and track individual skills and talents within your team.

Assign tags

You can assign tags in the Info tab of each team member's profile. You can select one of the existing tags from the drop-down or create a new tag by typing its name into the Tags field.

Assigning tags to a person's profile.

📝Note: All tags appear gray by default. Your team's Account Owner or one of the Admins can change their colors in Team settings > Tags.

You can also bulk-assign tags on the People page.

Bulk-updating people tags.

People tags are displayed within a person's profile and under their name on the Schedule.

People tags displayed under their profiles on the Schedule.

Filter by person tag

You can filter any page in Float by a person tag. You can select one tag or several tags at once.

Filtering by person tag.

Manage tags

The Account Owner and Admins can manage people tags in the Tags tab within the Team settings.

Tags tab within the Team settings.

This is where you can review all the tags and add, edit, or delete them. You can also assign them a color and see how many people use a particular tag and who created it.

To display the edit and delete options, hover over a tag and use the corresponding icons.

Editing and removing people tags.

📝Note: Deleting a tag from the Tags page will unassign it from all people currently using it and remove it from the filter drop-down.

💡 Here's a tip: You can differentiate between individual location and skill tags by assigning them a uniform color.

Change the tag color.

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