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Bulk update projects
Bulk update projects

Archive, delete, and edit multiple projects at once

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The bulk actions menu helps you keep projects up-to-date and accurate. From the Projects page, select one or more projects to bring up the available actions.

Bulk update projects.
  • Edit - Make changes on the fly. There are six options available to edit in bulk: client, color, tags, project type, budget, project owner, and edit rights.

  • Archive - Make a project read-only. Archived project allocations still appear on the Schedule, and the projects themselves can be viewed on the Projects and Report pages.

  • Delete - Permanently remove all project data from Float.

πŸ“Note: To enable Project Manager edit access to multiple projects at once, select the Edit rights field and check the All Project Managers have edit rights box.

Bulk update edit rights on a project

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