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Bulk update projects
Bulk update projects

Archive, delete, and edit multiple projects at once

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The bulk actions menu helps you update multiple projects at once. Select one or more projects on the Projects page to bring up the available actions. 

Bulk update projects.

Bulk-edit projects

Use the Edit button to make changes to selected projects. There are seven fields that can be edited in bulk.

  • Client - updates the client for all the selected projects.

    Bulk-editing project client.

  • Color - updates the color for all the selected projects.

    Bulk-editing project color.

  • Tags -  you can add and/or remove project tags for selected projects.

  • Type - you can set all the selected projects as billable, non-billable, and/or tentative.

    Bulk-editing project type.

  • Budget - you can update the budget type for all the selected projects and set up the budget value.

    Bulk-editing project budget.

  • Project Owner - you can reassign the project owner for all the selected projects and decide if All Project Managers have edit rights

    Bulk-editing project owner.

  • Edit rights - update the All Project Managers have edit rights setting for all the selected projects. This action will enable all Project Managers to edit multiple projects.

    Bulk-editing projects edit rights.


Bulk-archive projects

Use the Archive button to make selected projects read-only. Archived project allocations still appear on the Schedule, and archived projects still appear on the Projects and Report pages when the Archived filter is applied. All their historical data is retained.

Bulk-activate projects

The Activate button brings the archived projects to the active state.

Bulk-activate archived projects.

Bulk-delete projects

Use the Delete button to remove all project data from Float permanently. To delete projects in bulk, they must be archived first. Deleted projects cannot be restored.

Bulk-delete projects.
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