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Select the Project plan view from the drop-down on the Schedule to enable a Gantt chart-style view of your team's projects that make planning and editing a breeze.

Your projects appear along with their current budget status, while your team and their tasks appear directly below each project for easy visibility.

The total hours scheduled for each person on the project are displayed next to their name on the Schedule, while the total hours scheduled for all of your projects appear next to the date range at the top.

Tasks that aren't part of the current project appear as crossed-line blocks to give you an overview of your team's competing priorities.

You can hover over or click a crossed-line task to see its info or make changes to it.

Milestones appear across from the project name on their assigned dates. They can be added and edited directly on the Schedule, just like any task can. 

To get a high-level overview of your projects and their milestones without viewing your team's individual tasks, choose the Collapse icon next to the project name.

You can make changes to an individual project by clicking the menu icon that appears when hovering over it.

The options include:

  • Edit - View the project menu and make quick changes.

  • Assign people - Add new team members to the project.

  • Add a phase - Create a new phase for the project.

  • View project report - View the individual project report.

  • Shift timeline - Move all of the project's tasks, milestones, and phases together.

  • Duplicate - Create a copy of an existing project, including its phases and budget.

  • Archive - Remove the project from the Schedule while maintaining a historical record within your reports.

Likewise, hovering over an individual team member reveals additional options:

  • View profile - Make quick changes to the person's account.

  • Switch person - Remove the person from the project and replace them with a different person. All previously scheduled tasks will be assigned to the new team member.

  • Remove from project - Remove the person from the project. All previously scheduled tasks will be deleted.

 Additional Info

  • Only active projects are displayed in the Project plan view.

  • Custom sort is not supported for projects in the Project plan view, but you can sort individual team members within each project.

  • Dragging a task or milestone from one project to another project is not supported.

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