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Upload your team members to Float using the CSV import tool or one of the project management integrations

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Importing your team to Float

To add your team to Float, select Import in the top-right of the People page. 

Importing people to Float.

Choose whether to upload your team using the CSV template (Upload a file) or connect to an available project management tool (Sync with another app). See the integrations page for more details.

People import menu.

If using the CSV template, select Download people template and open the file in Excel or Google Sheets.

Downloading people template.

💡 Here's a tip: Check Pre-populate with your existing team to export the list of existing people, make changes to your team, or see how your current data is structured outside of Float.

Fill out any relevant data in the template. The Name column is the only mandatory field.

People template.

When you’re done, select Upload CSV file to import your team.

Import people menu. Upload CSV file.

People Quick Add for trial users

The trial users can now easily add team members on the People page by copying and pasting them from a spreadsheet or a list. Up to 25 people can be added at once, and this can be done multiple times.

People Quick Add for trial users

Additional notes

  • Access rights cannot be assigned using the CSV import.

  • A comma should separate multiple tags.

  • You can only import the maximum number of people available in your plan.

  • Altering or adding columns within the template results in an error message when uploading.

  • If your team uses a platform that does not integrate directly with Float, try importing your data using the API or Zapier.

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