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Archive a project
Archive a project

Prevent unauthorised changes to your projects

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Archiving a project helps prevent unauthorized changes to it, and saves the historical data. Projects can be archived from the project side panel by clicking on the options (vertical ellipses icon) and then clicking on  Move project to archive.

move project to archive

Or from the Projects page directly by selecting one or more projects and clicking Archive.

While archiving will not hide the project's tasks from the Schedule, it will make them read-only and prevent them from being scheduled in the future.

Only archived projects may be deleted. You must archive a Project before you can delete it.

💡 Here's a tip: To hide archived tasks from the Schedule, filter by the project status Active.

View archive project

To search for an archived project, you'd want to apply the Archived filter on the Projects page. Archived projects are automatically shown on the reports.

​Restore an archived project

You can restore a project to the Schedule from the Projects page.

1. Check the Archived box. Your archived projects will appear grayed out.

2. Select the project/s you want to restore and click Activate.

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