There are a number of different sorting options to choose from on the Schedule. They include: 

  • Name A-Z (first name)

  • Name Z-A (first name)

  • Availability High-Low (based on 12 weeks)

  • Availability Low-High (based on 12 weeks)

  • Department A-Z

  • Department Z-A

  • Job Title A-Z

  • Job Title Z-A

Select the Sort icon located above your team's schedules to set a different order. 

Custom Sort

Custom sort lets you group your team in the exact order that you want. From the Schedule, hover over a team member and drag them up or down to the desired position. The person and all of their tasks will move at once. 

The order is automatically saved until you change it.

💡 Here's a tip: The custom sort order is linked to your individual account only. You can quickly switch to another order from the Sort menu.

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