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Sort your team members and projects and save custom views

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Select a sort option at the top of the Schedule to change the way your people and projects display. There are several sorting options available.

Sorting on the Schedule page

  • Name - A-Z and Z-A (by first name)

  • Unscheduled - show team members with unscheduled hours, high to low and low to high (works in combination with the date range selected)

  • Department - A-Z and Z-A

  • Role - A-Z and Z-A

  • Custom - you can group your people in the exact order you want. Simply hover over a team member and drag them up or down to the desired position. The custom order is linked to your individual account only and is saved until you change it.
    πŸ“Note: If your team is using time tracking, you can use the same sorting on the Log team page.

Team sorting.

Sorting on the Project plan page

  • Name - A-Z and Z-A

  • Client - A-Z and Z-A

  • Age - newest-oldest and oldest-newest

    Sorting on the Project plan page.
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