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Duplicate a project
Duplicate a project

Make an exact copy of an existing project

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Duplicating a project is a quick and easy way to manage your workflow. If your team works on the same projects repeatedly, or you want to use an existing project as a template for creating new ones, duplicating a project can help.

There are two ways to duplicate a project:

1) On the Project plan view select the drop-down next to the project and click Duplicate.

duplicate project from project plan view

2) On the Projects page, open the project side panel, click the vertical ellipses icon next to the project title, and then click Duplicate.

duplicate from project menu

The next step is to rename the project, set a new start/end date, and adjust other project details. When you are ready to save, click Duplicate project and it will show up on the projects list. 

📝Note: If the original project does not contain at least one scheduled allocation or milestone, there is no option to set a start/end date.

Additional info

  • When duplicating the project, all the scheduled allocations are copied as well.

  • Logged tasks are not included as part of the duplicated project.

  • You cannot adjust the team, milestones, or tasks while duplicating a project, but you can adjust it after it is being duplicated. 

  • Duplicating a project that is currently synced with a calendar or PM tool will remove the sync for the new project.

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