If your team routinely works on the same projects, or you want to use an existing project as a template for a new one, duplicating a project is a quick and easy way to manage your workflow.

There are two ways to duplicate a project in Float:

  1. From the Projects view of the Schedule: Click Duplicate from the drop-down next to the project you want to create a copy of.

2. From the Projects page by clicking a project to open the individual Project menu: Select Actions > Duplicate project.

You can rename the project, set a new start/end date, and adjust other project details before clicking Duplicate project.

Note: If the original project does not contain at least one scheduled task or milestone, there is no option to set a start/end date.

Additional Info:

  • Logged tasks are not included as part of the duplicated project.

  • You cannot adjust the team, milestones, or tasks when duplicating a project.

  • Duplicating a project that is currently synced with a calendar or PM tool will remove the sync for the new project.

  • Only users who can create a project can duplicate a project.

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