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Single Project Report
Single Project Report

View reports related to specific projects in Float

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The Single Project Report displays a detailed overview of specific projects in Float. With this report, you can:

  • Visualize report data for an entire project, or project to date

  • Monitor the project and phase budgets

  • Track logged hours if your team uses Time Tracking

  • Drill down on each project phase

View a Single Project Report

On the Projects Report, filter the report for a specific project using the project filter. Select the date range, people, allocations, and chart view.

GIF showing the single project report

By default, you’ll see a report for the entire project. To change the timeframe for your report, use the calendar or date range shortcut to quickly switch to a project to date view or select another date range.

Select the date range for the project in view

Switch between a line chart and a bar chart view by clicking on the chart view toggle in the top right-hand corner of the report.

Select between a bar chart and a line chart

Line chart

A timeline view based on a line chart. Hovering over the line chart shows the numbers for the particular date range. Track changes over time and see the differences in your data depending on the selected report view (e.g. Logged vs. Scheduled will display a line chart showing the difference between your logged and scheduled time on the project, relative to the total project budget as it progresses).

Line chart on single project report

Bar chart

The bar chart displays your team's scheduled hours (including billable, non-billable, and tentative hours) for the specific project. Hovering over the chart will reveal the numbers for that particular date range.

Bar chart data on single project report

The summary bar below the chart shows the aggregate totals for the date range you've selected.

Table data

In the table, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of your project data. By switching between tabs in the table, you’ll get more details on project phases, tasks, team, and time tracking data for the selected project.


To view the summary for each phase of the project, open the Phase tab in the table. This tab will only appear if you’ve added phases to the project.

Table data for the single project report


To view a summary of the tasks on the project, open the Tasks tab in the table.


To view a summary of each team member's data for the project, open the Team tab in the table.

Team tab in the table

Time Tracking

If you have Time Tracking enabled, you can drill down on the data per project team member on the Time Tracking tab in the table.

You can view the fee and logged hours with their corresponding tasks and project phase. You can also sort by each column as needed by clicking the column heading.

Time tracking tab in the table

📝Note: Similar to when viewing the Time Tracking data, you can sort each column from the table under the Phases, Tasks, and Team summary.

Filtering and saving a View

Filtering lets you drill down into your report data. You can also save your filtered report as a View for easy access. Select from one of your Views, apply a new filter, or type directly into the search field to filter the report data.

Filter the single project report

You can filter by multiple categories at the same time by selecting the +Add button to expand the search.

Export your data

To export a Single Project Report so that it can be worked on outside of Float, click the Export option in the top right corner. There are three different options to choose from: export chart data, export table data, and export time tracking data.

Export options

  • Export chart data - This export shows the total hours and percentage of scheduled and logged data for a given date. The data includes the total for tentative, billable, and non-billable tasks.

Export chart data

  • Export table data - This export shows the total breakdown of the report based on the individual tasks per person on the project.

Export table data

  • Export time tracking data - This export shows the logged hours per date on the selected time timeframe for each person on the project.

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Additional notes

  • Float rounds to full numbers for percentages and up by two decimal points for currency amounts.

  • Adding custom fields to the reports is currently not supported.

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