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Keep track of important dates and deadlines

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Milestones are great for keeping track of important dates or project updates. Milestones can be created for projects and project phases. They appear as colored dots at the top of the Schedule that can be hovered over to reveal more information.

Milestones displayed on the Schedule.

On the Project plan view, they also display across from the project timeline on their assigned dates.

project plan view

Adding, editing, and removing milestones​

To add a milestone click on the date on the Schedule or the Project plan view and select the project that the milestone is for. Milestones can be set for a single day or a specific timeframe.

Adding a milestone.

Once the milestone is created, you can edit or delete it by clicking on the milestone.

edit or delete milestone from project plan

You can view, edit, and remove the project milestones in the Milestones tab of each project on the Projects page.

Project milestones.

Similarly, you can view, edit, and remove the project phase milestones in the Milestones section of each phase.

milestone section delete
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