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Import projects

Upload your projects to Float using the CSV import tool or one of the project management integrations

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To move your projects to Float, select Import in the top-right of the Projects page. 

Importing projects on the Projects page.

You can choose to upload projects via the CSV template (Upload a file) or by connecting to a project management tool (Sync with another app). Check our integrations page for more details on the tools available.

Project import menu.

If you're using the template, select Download project template and open the file in Excel or Google Sheets.

Downloading project template.

💡 Here's a tip: Check the Pre-populate with your existing projects box if you want to export the list of your projects, make changes to your existing projects, or see how your current data is structured outside of Float.

Fill out the relevant data in the template. The Project Name is the only mandatory field.

Project template downloaded with existing projects.

When you're done, select Upload CSV file to import your projects into Float.

Project import menu. Upload CSV file.

Additional notes

  • To set a project as non-billable or allow all Project Managers edit access, write the letter Y in the correct column. Leave it blank otherwise.

  • Multiple tags should be separated by a comma.

  • Tasks cannot be imported via CSV.

  • There is a limit of a maximum of 500 projects per upload.

  • Altering or adding columns to the template will result in an error message when uploading.

    💡 Here's a tip: If your team is located in a platform that we don't currently have an integration with, you can likely import your data using the API or Zapier.

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