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Track your team's capacity and hours

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The People Report shows you with the numbers behind your team's time.

Monitor your team’s utilization, view your team's capacity at the department level, see overtime and time off, and track your team's logged hours if you're using time tracking.

To access the People Report, click the Report tab and select People.

People report - chart and table

Set the date range you'd like to cover, the people and tasks you'd like to see, and your preferred bar chart view.

Date range and chart view options on people report

All of your team's scheduled hours (billable, non-billable, tentative) are displayed in the bar chart. Hovering over the chart will reveal the numbers for that particular date range.

People report - Hovering over chart data

The summary bar shows the aggregate totals for the date range you've selected.

Summary bar of data for selected date range

Your data can be filtered, expanded, and sorted however you'd like. View your team's capacity, see public and custom holidays, and track your team's logged hours.

Here's an overview of what the numbers in the table mean:

  • Capacity Hrs: The total working hours per day multiplied by the number of working days for each person in the selected timeframe. For example, during a work week that is Mon-Fri, 8 hours a day, the available hours will be 5 x 8 = 40 hrs. This number is then multiplied by the number of viewable people.
    📝 Note: Time off, public holidays, and custom holidays are deducted from a person's overall capacity.

  • Scheduled Hrs: The total number of allocated hours assigned in the time period (Billable hours + Non-billable hours). The percentage figure is correlated to the Capacity Hrs.

  • Billable: The number of allocated hours from billable projects and tasks in that period. The percentage is related to the Scheduled Hrs. This is your team's utilization.

  • Non-Billable: The number of allocated hours from non-billable projects and tasks in that time period. The percentage is correlated to the Scheduled Hrs.

  • Unscheduled Hrs: The number of hours available to be scheduled. The percentage is correlated to the Capacity Hrs.

  • Time Off Hrs: The total number of hours of time off assigned in the time period.

  • Overtime Hrs: The total number of hours of overtime assigned in the time period. The number is based on your team's individual daily work hours.

  • Scheduled %: Scheduled percentage of capacity by default. Can also be set to display the billable percentage of capacity or the billable percentage of the scheduled hours.

Search and filter

Filtering lets you drill down into your report data. Select from one of your Views, apply a new filter, or type directly into the search field to filter the report data.

Filters the people report.

You can filter by multiple categories at the same time by selecting the + button to expand the search.​

Filtering with multiple categories.

💡 Here's a tip: Search by the person Me to see only your individual scheduled hours and time off.

Export your data

To export a report in CSV format, click Export in the top right. There are three different export options to choose from.

Export your report data
  • Chart data

People report table data
  • Table data

Time tracking data export

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Additional notes

  • Float rounds to full numbers for percentages and up by two decimal points for currency amounts.

  • Adding custom fields to the reports is currently not supported.

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