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Time tracking Timer

Accurately log and monitor your work hours

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With the time tracking Timer, you can accurately log and monitor your work hours. Keep track of time spent on projects while staying focused on your work. This feature is available on our Pro and Enterprise plans.

Time tracking for scheduled work

To start a Timer for any of your scheduled allocations, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Log time page.

    Log time view.

  2. Click one of the logged time suggestions.

    Log time suggestion on the Log time page.

  3. Click on the play button to start the timer.

    Starting the time tracking timer.

The window will close, and you’ll see the timer running in the sidebar menu in Float and directly on the logged time entry. The timer color is the same as the corresponding project color.

Running Timer.

If you choose to start a timer on an allocation scheduled for another day, the timer will automatically create a new time-logged time entry on today’s date with the relevant details. You can jump to ‘today’ to see the entry showing on the time sheet.

View today button on the new Timer record.

New logged time entry

If you've just started something that was not on your Schedule, you can easily create a new logged time entry and track the progress.

To start the Timer, click anywhere on the Log my time view, select the project (and task if required),  and click the play button.

Adding a new Log time record with Timer.

Stopping the timer

When you're done, open up the logged time entry and click the stop button to stop tracking and log your time.

Stopping the running timer.

The start and stop times will be displayed, and the sum of these timer entries will be added to any existing logged time.

Logged time registered by the timer.

📝Note: If you stop a timer that has been running for less than one minute, no time will be logged.

Review and adjust your time

All the time entries are displayed in the order they were created.

Adjusting the logged time

You can adjust any of the start and stop times if needed. To adjust a time entry:

  1. Hover over the entry row and click on the edit icon.

    Adjusting logged time.

  2. Type to edit either the total time, the start time, or the end time.

    Editing logged time.

  3. Click the check icon to save your changes. The new value will update the total Logged time for that entry.

    Adjusted logged time entry.

📝 Here's a tip: For quick updates, you can use the up and down arrows on your keyboard.

If you want to edit the total logged time without editing any of the start or stop times, you can do this directly in the Hours/day field of the logged time record.The actual start and stop times will not be affected, allowing you to conveniently round the value you see on your reports without impacting your accurate timer records.

Adjusting the logged hours.

Delete the Timer entry

To delete a timer entry, click the trash can icon. Deleting a timer entry is immediate, with no undo.

Deleting the Timer entry.

Edit logged time for your team

If you have Project Manager, Admin, or Account Owner access rights, you can edit logged timer records for team members on the Log team page. You’ll be able to view and edit any of their start and stop times for where a timer has been used in the same way as editing logged time entries. You can also delete any Timer record you have access to.

📝 Note: You will not be able to see any running timers from this view.

View timer records from the reports

The time tracking tabs in the People report and Project report for a single project will show the time logged in decimal hours to ensure consistency when comparing scheduled and logged time.

To quickly see the timer records that make up the reported hours, click the logged hours to open the Log time window.

Logged time displayed on the project report.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I close the browser or log out of Float?

When you close the browser, log out, or shut down your machine — your timer keeps running. This allows you to focus on your work without worrying about time tracking. When you reopen Float, the timer will still be running, and you can choose to stop it.

What happens if I forget to stop a timer?

The timer will continue running until midnight. It will stop automatically at that point, and the time will be added to your logged time entry. You can then adjust this record as you need.

Can I use the timer if I have already logged a block of time?

Yes, you can start a timer even if you have already added some manual time. You can also adjust the logged time to any value independently of the timer records.

Does the timer track seconds?

Currently, the timer only displays time to the minute, which can cause some differences due to rounding. You can use the logged time value to confirm that the final logged time adds up as expected against your work.

In what timezone do the timer entries show?

The start and stop timers are displayed based on your browser settings and not the team timezone in Float.

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