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The Slack notifications app sends team members personalized schedule updates and reminders directly to a Slack channel whenever activity occurs in Float.

Sync new allocations and track updates across both platforms as soon as they happen, and never miss an assignment or deadline again.

Getting started

  1. You can connect to Slack by clicking Personal > Notifications > Connect to Slack within Float or from the Slack App Directory. You must appear on the Schedule to connect to Slack.

  2. Authenticate your credentials and authorize the connection and you're all set.

    Notification menu

    Slack connection screenshot

Your schedule in Slack

The Home tab shows you a live view of your schedule for the day. Whenever a change is made in Float, it's instantly reflected here.

Float notifications screenshot

You can view your schedule for tomorrow, or check out your assigned allocations for any date in the future.

Float notification

Schedule updates

The Messages tab is where all of your schedule changes and notifications live. See a history of who changed what, and receive alerts whenever a new task is added to your schedule or an existing task is updated.

Schedule notification in Slack

As with email and push notifications, notifications are sent to Slack every hour for any updates you haven't already seen in Float.

πŸ’‘ Here's a tip: Use Slack shortcuts /float today and /float tomorrow for a filtered view of your schedule on the Messages tab.

Schedule overview notification in Slack

Time tracking reminders

If your team is using time tracking, you can also receive a helpful nudge to log your hours directly in Slack.

Time tracking notification

Sync your status

Setting a status in Float helps keep your team in the loop and ensures that logistics don't get in the way of productivity. You can share your scheduled status across Float and Slack to give your team even greater visibility.

πŸ“Note: The scheduled status sync is turned on by default but can be disabled from the Slack Settings page.


You can turn your schedule and time tracking reminders on/off from the Settings page within Slack, and also change the time that your reminders arrive.

Slack Float setting screenshot

Slack activity feed

The Slack Activity Feed helps you stay on top of schedule changes by sending live updates to a Slack channel whenever activity occurs in Float. The Account Owner can turn on the Slack team messaging in the Integrations tab of the Team settings page.

Team settings - Slack integration.

Click Add to Slack and select the workspace you want Float activity messages sent to. If you're not already logged into your Slack account, you'll be prompted to enter your credentials.

Setting up Float-Slack integration.

Now, whenever someone changes your team's schedule, you'll see a live update in the Slack channel.

Slack integration, channel updates.

Supported activities include additions or changes to allocation assignments, time off assignments, projects, and team members.

πŸ’‘Here's a tip: The Account Owner can edit the existing Slack integration in Team settings > Integrations.

Team settings, editing Slack integration.


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