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Adding tasks, overtime indicator
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To create a new task, just click and drag across a date on the Schedule to bring up the task menu.

Set the task hours and select the corresponding client and project to add the task to a person's schedule.

๐Ÿ“Note: Naming the task is optional. Leaving it blank means only the client/project name will display on the Schedule.

๐Ÿ’กHere's a tip: You can type "@" followed by a person's name on any task note to mention them. They will receive a notification via email, Slack, or mobile push depending on the person's settings.

You can assign the same task to multiple people at once by adding their name to the Assigned to field, or to the whole team by choosing Select all.

๐Ÿ’ก Here's a tip: To assign a task to people in a specific department or with a certain tag, filter the page by that department/tag first and then choose the Select all option when assigning the task.

You can set tasks to repeat a variety of different ways to save time in the future.

Find out more about repeating tasks, time off, and statuses here.


See exactly where your team's daily work hours end and overtime begins with the overtime indicator.

Drag a task vertically to expand it, and once you hit a person's hours limit for the day, the background behind the task will turn red.

The hours figure next to the person's name will also change colors when the person has any overtime scheduled in the current date range.

Overtime hours can also be reviewed within your reports.

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