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Search and filter
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Filtering lets you explore your team's schedule and other data with ease and find what you're looking for fast—from departments and projects, to clients and tags, to task and project statuses.

Select from one of the preset filters or type directly into the search field.

Some of the search filters available include:


  • Person

  • Person type

  • Person tag

  • Time off

  • Department


  • Project

  • Phase

  • Project tag

  • Project owner

  • Project status

  • Task

  • Task status

You can filter by multiple categories at the same time by selecting the +Add button to expand the search.

Clear any filter by clicking the X next to it in the search.

💡 Here's a tip: You can search by the person filter Me to see only your scheduled task hours and time off.

Saving searches

To save specific searches, simply click the icon so you can access them quickly next time.

You can filter by your saved searches and delete any you no longer need by clicking the X next to it.

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