The search bar lets you explore your team's schedule and other data with ease and find whatever it is you're looking for—from departments and projects, to clients and tags, to task and project status.

Some of the search filters available include:


  • Employee

  • Contractor

  • Placeholder

  • Full-time

  • Part-time


  • Confirmed

  • Tentative

  • Billable

  • Non-Billable

  • Active

  • Archived

  • Project Owner

You can also filter multiple categories at once. Just start typing the keyword you're looking for and hit Tab or Enter to complete the filter.

Search Logic

If you're searching across the same category (e.g., department) with multiple filters (e.g., design and creative) then it will be an OR search and your results will include all people who belong to either one of those departments.

If you're searching across multiple categories (e.g., department and project) then it’s an AND search and you will only see people who belong to that specific department and project.

💡 Here's a tip: You can override the above category behavior by typing in "+" to include or "-" to exclude.

For example, typing in the people tags "NYC" and "Photoshop" returns any person assigned either one of those tags.

By adding a "+" before one of those tags, however, your search changes to an AND search and only people who have been assigned both tags are displayed.

Similarly, the override option can help you exclude a particular result from your search.

Note: The search override feature is only available on the web version of Float at this time. However, if you save the search, it can be recalled from the mobile app.

Saving Searches

To save specific searches for use later, simply click the Save Search icon () at the end of the search bar.

Clicking in the search bar will reveal all of your saved searches, and allow you to delete any that you no longer need.

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