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Switch between your Float teams

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If you have a team in Austin, a team in London, and a team of freelancers who work remotely—it's easy to switch between accounts using a single Float login.

Signing into multiple teams

Once you've been added to more than one team, you'll see an additional page when you log in that lets you choose which team to access.

Float login page for multiple teams.

Your active projects and people are displayed underneath each team's name.

Projects and people of the existing team.

💡 Here's a tip: To add another team, sign up for a new account using the same login credentials or accept an invite to another team.

Switching between teams

You can toggle between your different teams from the Team menu in the bottom left of Float.

Switching between teams when logged in.

📝Note: People, projects, settings, and billing and invoicing details are unique to each account and cannot be combined or shared.

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