If your company uses OneLogin as your identity provider, you can setup Float with single sign-on in just a few minutes.

Note, user provisioning is not currently supported. Before your team can authenticate via OneLogin, they must already have account access to Float.

To get started, you'll need to be a Float Account Owner. 

Login to your Float account and look for the Authentication module in your Account Settings. Select 'Configure SAML authentication'. To complete the form, you can find this information in your OneLogin account.

From your OneLogin account:

  • Select Apps / Add Apps
  • Search and select ‘Float’ from the app directory
  • Select the SSO tab.
  • Copy the SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) field (Selecting the clipboard icon next to this field will select this).
  • Copy the Issuer URL, which is the field directly above it.
  • Copy the X.509 Certificate. You can get to this by selecting ‘View Details’. Make sure you copy the whole certificate by selecting the clipboard icon.
  • Select the Configuration tab
  • Enter your Float subdomain in the Float Company field. For example, if you login to float using the URL: agencyname.float.com then you'll enter 'agencyname' in this field.
  • Then Save

Your team will now be able to log in, either via OneLogin or the traditional Float login page.

To change or remove your OneLogin authentication, select ‘Update SAML Settings’.

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