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SSO is available on all plans with plus pack. Plus pack is free to try for 30 days and can be enabled by the Account Owner from the Team settings.

If your team is using Okta as its identity provider, it's easy to set up SAML single sign-on with Float in just a few minutes.

πŸ“ Float Note: To set up Okta, you must be the Account Owner.

From your Team settings, select the Security tab and then Configure.

To complete the form, you'll need to access your Okta account. From there:

  • Navigate to the Admin section, select Add Application

  • Search and select "Float SAML" from the app directory

  • You'll be prompted for a Float Company Name. This is your Float subdomain. e.g., if you log in to Float using https://okta-test.float.com it will be "okta-test"

  • Select Next

  • Assign the Float app to the team members who are registered with the Float account

  • You'll have the option of confirming or updating their Float username (email) in the next step:

Once complete, select the Sign On tab, and "View Setup Instructions." This will provide the information to include in the Float SAML authentication module and finalize the process.

Your team can now log into Float from Okta or by clicking the Sign in with Okta directly from your Float subdomain (i.e., yourteamname.float.com).

Additional notes

  • User provisioning is not currently supported. Before your team can authenticate via Okta, they must already have account access to Float.

  • To remove your authentication, select Configure from your Team settings and delete the values.

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