The bulk actions menu helps you keep your projects up to date and accurate. Select one or more projects to bring up the available bulk actions.

  • Archive - Make a project read-only. Archived project tasks still appear on the Schedule, and the projects themselves can be viewed on the Project and Reports pages (when filtered).

  • Delete - Permanently remove all data from Float.

  • Edit - Make changes to a project. There are six edit options available: client, color, project type, tags, budget, and project owner.

To enable Project Manager edit access to multiple projects at once, select the Project Owner field and check the All PMs have edit rights box.

💡 Here's a tip: To duplicate a project, click Actions > Duplicate within the Project menu or click Duplicate from the drop-down next to the project when in the Projects view of the Schedule. For more info, see this article.

For more on the people bulk actions available, check this out.

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