The Projects report provides an overview of all the active projects in Float.

Monitor your utilization and budgets, track your logged hours if your team uses time tracking, and see your project totals at the client level.

To access the Project report, click the Report tab and select Projects.

Set the date range you'd like to cover, the people and tasks you'd like to see, and your preferred bar chart view.

All of your team's scheduled hours (billable, non-billable, tentative) are displayed in the bar chart. Hovering over the chart will reveal the numbers for that particular date range.

The summary bar shows the aggregate totals for the date range you've selected.

Progress meters display the status of your individual project budgets.

πŸ“Note: If you're using time tracking, the table data can be sorted by the total logged percentage of a budget in addition to the total scheduled percentage of a budget.

To see the full budget picture for an individual project, just click the project in the table.

The client tab lets you see your scheduled, logged, and budget totals at the client level.

Search and filter

Filtering lets you drill down into your report data. Select from one of the preset filters or type directly into the search field.

Some of the search filters available include:

  • Project

  • Phase

  • Project tag

  • Project owner

  • Project status

  • Task

  • Task status

You can filter by multiple categories at the same time by selecting the +Add button to expand the search.

πŸ’‘ Here's a tip: Search by the person Me to see only your individual task hours and time off.

Export your data

To export a report so that it can be worked on outside of Float, click the Export option in the top right. There are two different options to choose from.

  • Chart data

  • Table data

Want to see the numbers behind your team? Check out the People report.

Additional notes

  • Float rounds to full numbers for percentages and up by two decimal points for currency amounts.

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