Staying up to date with the latest changes to the schedule is important no matter what your role is in Float. There are a number of notification options available to ensure that your team never misses a beat.

In-app, Email, & Mobile Push Notifications

When a new notification is available, an orange dot appears next to the Notifications icon at the top of the page to let you know there is an update. 

If you're not online at the time or don't click the icon, you will receive an email notification with all the latest changes after approximately 15 minutes.

Additionally, if you have the Float mobile app installed, you will receive a push notification to your device. 

There are three notification triggers within Float:

A task assigned to you is created or updated

  • Whenever a new task is scheduled or something you're working on is changed in the remaining current week, you will receive a notification.

A task on a project you own is created or updated 

  • Whenever a task change occurs on a project that you are the project owner of, you will receive a notification. This applies to tasks that are completed, ongoing, or scheduled in the future.

Time off is created or updated by someone who is part of a project you own

  • Whenever time off is scheduled or changed by a person who is a part of a project that you are the assigned PM of, you will receive a notification. This applies only to time off that is scheduled in the future.

You can manage your individual notification settings by clicking Settings > Notifications.

Schedule Email

The schedule email delivers a copy of your team's schedules directly to their inboxes and gives them a clear picture of what their work week looks like. Their individual tasks, time off, and project milestones are all included in the email. Project owners see their team's time off listed as well.

Schedule email notifications can be managed by the Account Owner from the Notifications tab on the Team Settings page. You can choose how often to send your team a copy of their schedules, and decide when it gets delivered. 

💡 Here's a tip: Team members can unsubscribe from receiving their recurring schedule email from My Settings > Notifications.

Activity Feed

The activity feed communicates who made a change, what they changed, and when they changed it. To see changes made to your account, click on the Notifications icon (🔔) located at the top of Float and select All Activity

The activity feed will only display activity that you have access to see—e.g., if you are a member or project manager, you will only see client, project, and task information for projects that you are a part of.

💡 Here's a tip: To view a specific person, project, department's activity feed, type the name into the search bar to filter.

Slack Channel

The Float Slack app helps you stay on top of schedule changes by sending live updates to a Slack channel whenever activity occurs in Float. To connect, the Account Owner can select the Integrations tab from the Team Settings page. 

Click Add to Slack and select the workspace you want Float activity messages sent to. If you're not already logged into your Slack account, you'll be prompted to enter your credentials.

Now, whenever someone makes a change to your schedule, you'll see a live update in Slack.

Supported activities include any additions or changes to task assignments, time off assignments, projects, or team members. 

💡 Here's a tip: Select the Add to Slack button again from the Team Settings page to choose a different Slack channel.

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