The right-click tools help you make quick adjustments to your team's schedules. Right-click anywhere on the Schedule or select the menu at the bottom of Float to get started.

Note: Keyboard shortcuts are listed next to the action.

  • Replace (R) all tasks scheduled within the duration of a new task. Previous tasks are deleted.

  • Split (S) a task. Tasks must cover at least two days in order to be split.

  • Complete (C) a task. A checkmark is displayed next to tasks and the task color becomes translucent. They can also be filtered and isolated in your reports.

  • Delete (D) a task. Selected tasks will be deleted from your account.

💡 Here's a tip: Select Add/Edit from the actions menu or tap "A" or "Esc" on your keyboard to return to the default view.

Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to the right-click menu shortcuts above, the following keyboard shortcuts are available in Float:

  • Add new task (T)

  • Add new person (E)

  • Add new project (P)

  • Search/filter (F)

  • Jump to today's date (/)

  • Close popup (Esc)

  • Undo (Ctrl + Z)

  • Move to archive (Ctrl + J)

To bring up the shortcuts and search menu, hold "Shift"+"?" from your keyboard.

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