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Right-click menu and keyboard shortcuts
Right-click menu and keyboard shortcuts

Add/edit, replace, split, complete, delete, and other shortcuts

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Right-click menu

The right-click tools are available on the Schedule and Project planΒ to help you quickly adjust your team's schedule. Right-click anywhere or select the pointer icon at the bottom of the page to bring up the available options.

Float's right-click menu.

πŸ“Note: Keyboard shortcuts are listed next to each action.

Right-click actions

  • Split (S) an allocation. Allocations must cover at least two days to be split.

    πŸ“Note: A person must have edit access to split allocations. Recurring allocations cannot be split.

    Splitting allocations.

  • Link (L) an allocation. Allocations are linked in pairs. You can link to any allocation that belongs to the same project as long as it does not start before the allocation that you've selected.

    Linking allocations.

  • Complete (C) an allocation. When marked as complete, a checkmark is displayed next to allocations and the allocation color becomes translucent. They can also be filtered and isolated in your reports.

    Completed allocation.

  • Delete (D) an allocation. Selected allocations will be deleted from your account.

Delete allocation.

πŸ’‘ Here's a tip: Tap A or Esc on your keyboard to return to Add/Edit mode.

Keyboard shortcuts

In addition to the right-click menu, you can also use keyboard shortcuts. Hold Shift and ? on your keyboard to bring up the full list of available shortcuts.

Float's keyboard shortcuts.
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