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Link allocations together
Link allocations together

Create a dependency between allocations to plan and schedule more efficiently

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Linking allocations helps you plan your projects better by automatically shifting related allocations together when a project timeline changes.

It also provides a visual overview of which allocations depend on one another to make planning and scheduling allocations for different team members easier.

Link allocations together

From the Schedule, right-click and select the Link option or use the keyboard shortcut "L." Click the allocation you want to link, and a new link line will appear.

Allocations are linked in pairs. You can link to any allocation that belongs to the same project as long as it does not start before the allocation that you’ve selected.

Linking allocations together.

Allocations that can’t be linked to your selected allocation are grayed out to simplify things.

Linking allocations together.

Extending, decreasing, or moving the first allocation (Allocation A) will automatically move the second allocation (Allocation B) the subsequent number of days forward or backward.

Allocation B can be moved forward or backward independently of Allocation A as long as its start date does not come before Allocation A.

The same logic applies to any subsequent allocations you link together in a chain (Allocation C, D, E, F, etc.). For example, dragging Allocation C’s start date two days forward will also move D, E, and F the same number of days but will not impact A or B.

Linking allocations together.

💡 Here's a tip: For multi-assigned allocations, the link line is only shown for the chosen allocation. Moving a multi-assigned linked allocation for one person will still move it for all others.

See linked allocations on the Schedule

In the Project plan view, all the link lines between your allocations are displayed to make it easy to see which allocations are connected and which aren't.

Allocations linked on the Project plan page.

In the Schedule view, the link lines only show when you are in Link mode to avoid adding clutter.

Allocations linked on the Schedule page.

💡 Here's a tip: You can exit Link mode quickly by clicking anywhere on the Schedule that is not an allocation.

You can also see which linked allocations come directly before and after an individual allocation by clicking Linked allocations at the top of the allocation menu.

Allocation menu, linked allocations.

Remove the link between allocations

You can remove the link between allocations by clicking the X in the link line while in the Projects plan view or link mode in the Schedule view.

Removing a link between allocations on the Schedule page.

Allocations can be unlinked from the allocation menu by clicking the X between allocations.

Removing a link between allocations from the allocation menu.

Deleting an allocation will also remove its link but will not impact the allocation it was linked to or any other allocations in the link chain.

Additional info

  • Allocations cannot be linked between projects or phases.

  • Repeating allocations cannot be linked.

  • Allocations synced with an outside calendar or other integration cannot be linked.

  • Anyone with access to edit the Schedule can link allocations. However, they can only link to other allocations to which they have edit rights.

  • Splitting an allocation will add the new allocation to the existing link chain.

  • Copied allocations are not part of the link chain.

  • Linking allocations are not currently available on the mobile app.

  • There is a limit of 100 allocations within a link chain.

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