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Search and filter
Search and filter

Search and filter to get exactly the data that you need

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Search and filter

Filtering lets you explore your team's schedule and other data with ease and find what you are looking for fast!

You can select from one of the default filters or type directly into the search field. The default filters include:
- Department
- Role
- Person
- Person tag
- Person type
- Manager
- Time off
- Time off status
- Client
- Project
- Phase 
- Project tag
- Project owner
- Project status
- Task
- Allocation status

Schedule filter dropdown.

You can filter by multiple categories simultaneously with the + button to expand the search. You can set the search parameters to be and/or, is/is not. To clear any filter click the next to it in the search bar, and to clear all the filters, use the Clear all button on the far right.

Multiple categories search on the Schedule.

You can use the same filters on every page. If you set them on the Schedule page, they will follow you if you move to Project plan, Log team or Report.

💡 Here's a tip: You can search with the Me filter to see only your scheduled hours and time off.

When filtering by multiple categories the OR that you want to apply to each category should compare the items within that category (you can select it from the drop-down list). Example: Instead of Department is Product or Department is Support, the search should be Department is Customer Product or Support.

When searching using multiple filters, each category should be separated with AND. Example: Department is Product or Support AND Person tag is APAC or EMEA.

Schedule search with and/or filters.

Saving filters as View

To save a combination of filters and searches that you use regularly, you can save them as a View.

Saving filters as a new View.

📝Note: If you had saved filters prior to the release of the Views feature, you can access them in Views where they are duplicated as personal Views. You can also access them via the Saved section of the filter.

Additional notes

  • When you add a new custom item to your Team settings, for example, a new time off type, it will show under the filter only after you schedule it for the first time.

  • Searching and filtering by a person's status is currently not supported.

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