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Managing your team settings for schedule emails and time tracking reminder emails
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Automatic schedule emails

The schedule email feature sends a copy of your team's schedules to their email, providing a clear view of their work week. The email includes details about individual tasks, time off, and project milestones. Project owners can also view their team's time off.

By default, the schedule email is enabled for your team and will be sent to any team member with an email listed in their profile, regardless of their account access.

Your Account Owner can manage these settings from the Notifications tab under Team settings.

💡Here's a tip: Team members can unsubscribe from receiving their recurring schedule email from Personal > Notifications. If your Account Owner sets the email reminder frequency to Never under Team settings, team members will not be able to sign up to have their weekly schedule emailed to them.

Time tracking reminder emails

If your team uses Time Tracking, your Account Owner can set up automatic emails to remind your team to log their time. By default, we don't send time tracking reminder emails.

Frequency options

  • Never

    • No time tracking reminder emails will be sent to your team.

  • Daily

    • Will be sent to anyone who has logged no time during the previous work day.

  • Weekly

    • Will be sent to anyone who has logged less than 50% of their capacity during the previous work week.

📝Note: If you enable these reminders, they'll be sent each work day before 7 a.m. based on your account timezone settings.

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