Changing plan & billing settings
How to add seats, change your billing cycle, update your card/address, and view your past invoices
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Your account owner and guest users with billing access can manage your team’s Plans & Billing settings. You can find this page by clicking the gear icon at the bottom left of any Float window and then Team settings. If you can’t see this page, please reach out to an admin on your team or your account owner for help.

The Plans & Billing settings page is broken down into three sections:

1. Billing details

  • Using / Paid seats: How many seats you’re currently using and paying for. If you need to add or remove seats, click Edit and follow the prompts on the pop-up that appears.

    • You cannot remove more seats than you’re currently using. First, archive the person and then you're able to reduce your total seats here.

  • Total: You can see your total subscription cost and your current billing cycle (monthly or annual). Click the link here if you’d like to change to a different billing cycle.

  • Payment details: Here you can update your card on file, click Edit details and enter your new card on the next page.

    • If you need to change the address listed on your invoices, click Edit details and then Add billing details on the next page.

2. Plan & add-ons

Here you can see your current plan and add-ons available. Based on your current subscription, you will see links to add features or downgrade from them in this section. You can find out more about Time Tracking and Plus Pack by clicking those links.

3. Billing history

Here you can see your billing history and past invoices, click the download icon in the rightmost column to download a copy of past invoices. We email your invoices at the start of each billing period to your account owner and any billing users on your account.

If you’d like additional people to receive invoices, you can follow this guide to add them as a guest with billing access to your account.

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