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Choosing the right payment plan and method can make managing your Float subscription a breeze.

Monthly & Annual Billing Options

Float offers two types of billing cycles: monthly and annual. You have the flexibility to select either of these options when you first sign up for a Float subscription. Opting for the annual payment plan provides a 20% discount compared to paying month-by-month.

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For those who initially choose a monthly plan but later decide that annual payments are a better fit, making the switch is straightforward. The Account Owner can easily change the payment plan in the Plans & billing tab of Team Settings.

Payment Methods

Credit Card Payments

Float accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, for subscription payments.

Wire Transfers

For businesses with significant payment volumes, we offer the option to pay via wire transfer. Please note that there is a minimum spending threshold of $5,000 for wire transfer payments.

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