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Zoom in and out, change view and density

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Changing the Schedule view lets you get up close and personal with your tasks or step back and see the bigger picture.

You can choose from three options at the top of Float: Days, Weeks, or Months.

Schedule view: days, weeks, months.

πŸ’‘ Here's a tip: You can zoom in or out even further using your browser's zoom controls.

You can also change the schedule density at the top of the page. There are three density levels: Compact, Comfortable, and Spacious.

Schedule density: compact, comfortable, spacious.

πŸ“Note: The density option is not available to Members with View Themself access.

Additional notes

  • We currently support the white background only. The dark mode is currently not supported for the web version of Float (but we do have plans for adding it in the future!).

  • The Float mobile app supports the dark mode settings of your device. This means that if you have dark mode enabled on your device, the Float app will automatically switch to dark mode as well.

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