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If you are using Linear for project planning and management, you can link it to your Float account.
The Account Owner can set up the integration in Team settings > Integrations > Linear cycle planning.

Linear integration setting in the Team settings.

Sync your Linear team

In Linear, one account can set up multiple teams, each with its own cycle dates. In Float, we can only display the cycle dates of one team at a time. Therefore, you must first choose the Linear team whose cycle dates you want to sync before setting up the integration.

1) Open Linear and navigate to the selected team's Cycles page.

Linear cycles.

2) Click on the overflow menu on a cycle and choose Subscribe to cycle calendar > Copy the feed URL for your calendar.

Linear cycle URL copy.

3) Paste the URL in the Team Url field at Float and click Sync calendar.

Linear integration setup in Team settings.

Once the integration is set up, the status will change to On.

Linear integration set up.

And the cycle details will show up at the top of the Schedule and Project plan pages.

Linear cycles displayed on the Schedule.

Manual resync

The integration automatically refreshes once a week on the weekend. If you have made changes to your cycle dates in Linear and wish to refresh the feed immediately, navigate to Team settings > Integrations and click on the Manual resync button.

Manual resync of Linear integration in Team settings.

Disconnecting the integration

To disconnect the integration, simply remove the URL and click Delete.

Disconnecting Linear integration in Team settings.

Additional info

  • Team names are not automatically updated. If you change the name of the Linear team, please copy the new cycle feed URL and manually update it in Float so that the data can resync.

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