With the share a link feature, you can give people outside of your team access to view a read-only version of the Schedule—or just a particular project, client, or department.

The Account Owner can enable the feature from the Share drop-down on the Schedule page.

Select the view you want to share, set the display, and click Generate link.

Now simply copy the link and share it with anyone who needs access!

đŸ’¡ Here's a tip: To see a sneak peek of your shared schedule, click See a preview at the bottom.

Any changes made to your Schedule will be reflected in your existing link, so there's no need to worry about generating a new one each time the Schedule is updated.

To allow everyone on your team to generate and share their own links, check the Enable link sharing for other team members box.

Each person's sharing options will depend on their individual access rights. For example, if a person is limited to a specific department, they will only be able to share a view of that department.

Note: Members with "View: Their Schedule" access cannot share a link.

Shared links remain active indefinitely. To cancel any shared links, click Regenerate links.

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