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Schedule on a weekend or holiday
Schedule on a weekend or holiday

Manage your team's work on the non-working days

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You can schedule on a non-work day (weekend or holiday) by clicking on the day and confirming.

Scheduling on a non-working day.

Allocations scheduled on a non-work day will appear over a red background with red diagonal lines on the Schedule. They are recorded as overtime hours in your reporting.

Allocation on a non-working day.

β€‹πŸ’‘ Here's a tip: If you've set your account to hide non-work days in your Team settings, you will not be able to schedule on weekends. The Account Owner or one of the Admins can unhide the weekends to allow scheduling on these days.

Team settings. Showing a non-working days settings.

To learn more about scheduling and managing time off, click here!

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