The search bar lets you explore the schedule with ease and find everything from departments, projects, people, clients, tags, and task names. 

You can filter by various subcategories, including:

People filters:

  • Employee
  • Contractor
  • Unassigned Role
  • Full-time
  • Part-time

Project filters:

  • Confirmed
  • Tentative
  • Billable
  • Non-Billable
  • Active
  • Archived
  • My Projects

You can also filter multiple categories at once. Just start typing the keyword you're looking for and hit tab or enter to complete the filter.

Save frequent searches

To save specific searches for use later, perform the search as you normally would, click the save bookmark icon in the far right, and name your search (e.g., “Chicago”). Next time you want to recall this search just type in “Chicago”.

Clicking down in the search box will reveal all of your saved searches, and give you the option to delete any you no longer need. 

View activity

The activity feed at the end of the search bar keeps track of changes made to your schedule. Read more about it here

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