You can export both reports and schedule data to .CSV from Float. Here's how: 

  1. Reports

The Export .CSV tab is located in the top right of Reports.

2. Schedule

From the Schedule page, select the Export (.CSV for Excel) via the share drop-down in the top left.

Subscribe to iCal

You can subscribe to your schedule using your favorite calendar app (Google, Apple, Outlook) and have tasks delivered to you automatically.

A new calendar will be created and tasks will appear as all-day events unless a tin. Task names will appear in the event title and task notes will appear in the event description.

You can access your unique subscription link from the My Info popup (you'll need to have scheduled tasks for the link to appear). Click the 'Subscribe to my schedule (iCal)' link and copy the URL to your clipboard. The URL will look something like this:

Open your iCal supported calendar and paste the URL where requested. The default calendar name will appear as 'Float Schedule'.

Important notes:

  • Tasks are uploaded up to three months old when first subscribing. If a task start date is more than three months old, it will not appear in the calendar. 
  • Google and Outlook calendars typically refresh their feed within 24 hours, and Apple allows you to set the refresh rate when subscribing.
  • Tasks can not be edited by the calendar app. All changes must be made via Float.
  • iCal currently ignores Float non-work days (e.g. weekends) and holidays. e.g. If a single task runs from Friday to Monday, and the default non-work days are Saturday and Sunday, the task will pass through the weekend.
  • Priority tasks are marked with an asterisk.
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