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Using the Float API to connect to Power BI
Using the Float API to connect to Power BI

Use the Float API to connect your Float data to Power BI

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You can send your Float data to the Power BI dashboard using the Float API.

To connect, you'll need your Float API key. The Account Owner can locate the API key for your team in the Integrations tab within the Team settings.

In Power BI, open the Get Data > From Web > Advanced window and populate the URL parts and the HTTP request header parameters (optional) fields.

Get web data in Power BI

Example of Power BI get data from Web source configuration modal.

The URL starts with, and the authorization header value is Bearer + your API key.

Depending on the data you want to pull from Float, you can use different API calls. For more details, please check out our API documentation here.

💡 Here's a tip: You can connect other Microsoft tools like Excel or Power Automate in a similar way.

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