📝 Note: All Float teams will have the new Manager access role enabled the week of December 5th, 2022. If you have any questions or need assistance with the change, please reach out to our support team.

We’ve combined project and department manager access into a single Manager role—with personalized permissions that provide clarity around who manages what within your team. Additionally, people managers can now approve time off requests for team members who report directly to them.

Check out the quick walkthrough below for more on the new Manager access and time off approval workflow.

Transitioning your team to the new Manager role

The new Manager role does not allow anyone to view or edit anything they’re not currently able to. Existing project and department manager permissions automatically apply, with a few changes.

We recommend reviewing access with your team to ensure you’re making the most of the new permissions and they fit within your roles and team structure. After enabling the new Manager role, you can adjust any permissions from the Manage tab.

Here’s an overview of where Managers fit with the other roles in Float:

These new, flexible permissions allow you to personalize access in Float to match how your team works. Permissions can be toggled on or off as needed to give Managers everything they need to oversee people and projects effectively.

Reviewing your team's access

The Account Owner and Admin users can visit the Manage page to review your team's access.

  1. Click the list icon at the top left of any Float window to open the Manage page.

  2. Set the toggle at the top of the page to People to review your team's access. You'll see new icons beside any teammates with the new Manage access indicating who/what they manage.

Updating a person's access

  1. Click any teammate's name on the Manage page.

  2. Select the Access tab to review their current access and make any necessary changes.

  3. If the person is a People Manager, you'll see another tab at the top of the window, Manages, where you can adjust who they manage.

    You can customize each person's access to fit your team's needs. Additional permissions at the bottom allow a person to create/edit people or view project budgets.

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