Plus Pack
Enhanced security and management controls for your team
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With Plus Pack added to your Float subscription, you can:

  • Use secure sign-in options Azure AD, OneLogin, or Okta. You can require your team to use SSO or make it optional.

  • Sign into Float using Google sign-in. You can require your team to use Google sign-in or make it optional.

  • Restrict team invites and account access to specific domains.

  • Enhance team activity tracking with a longer history and powerful filters that make tracking changes more efficient.

  • Your team also benefits from customized onboarding, implementation, and prioritized assistance from the Float support team. We also offer custom contracts to Plus Pack customers. Please contact to learn more or to discuss the specifics of a custom contract.

Plus Pack is free to try for 30 days and can be enabled by your Account Owner or guest user with billing access under Team settings.

After the 30 day trial, Plus Pack is $7.50 per person per month. You can save an additional 20% by signing up for an annual plan or adding Plus Pack to your existing annual plan.

πŸ“Note: Disabling Plus Pack after your trial will not compromise any account data.

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