With plus pack added to your Float subscription, you can:

  • Use secure sign-in options Azure AD, OneLogin, or Okta. You can require your team to use SSO or make it optional.

  • Sign into Float using Google sign-in. You can require your team to use Google sign-in or make it optional.

  • Restrict team invites and account access to specific domains.

  • Enhance team activity tracking with a longer history and powerful filters that make tracking changes more efficient.

Plus pack is free to try for 30 days and can be enabled by the Account Owner or a guest user with Billing access from the Team settings.

After the 30 day trial, plus pack is $7.50 per person per month. You can save an additional 20% by signing up for an annual plan or adding plus pack to your existing annual plan.

📝Note: Disabling plus pack after your trial will not compromise any account data.

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