The Account Owner or guest users with Billing access can manage their team's account from the Plans & billing tab on the Team settings page.

You can change your plan, update your payment information, or add a new billing contact.

💡 Here's a tip: Deleting/archiving people does not automatically adjust your plan (if you want to replace those people with new people). Once you've reduced the number of people on the Schedule, you can adjust your plan by selecting Edit.

Invoice receipts

Invoices are emailed to your billing contact after each billing period. Copies of past invoices can also be accessed by the Account Owner or any guest users with Billing access.

Transfer account ownership

The Account Owner is the only person with unrestricted access and billing rights and the only one who can delete an account.

You can transfer ownership to a new Account Owner from the Team settings. Once transferred, the previous Account Owner becomes an Admin.

Suspend your account

If you'd like to suspend your account for up to six months without losing any account information or your current plan pricing, please contact us at

📝Note: Annual plans cannot be suspended.

Delete your account

You may cancel your subscription and delete all of your account data at any time by navigating to the General tab within the Team settings and selecting Delete team.

Only the Account Owner can delete an account, and doing so will immediately delete all of your information and close the account.

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