Scheduling tasks and keeping track of your team's time is easy with our mobile app for iOS. Here's how it works: 

  • Tap in the Schedule or hit the green Add button (+) to start scheduling your team.
  • Enter any relevant task details and then click Done to add the task to the schedule. 
  • Click the Filters & Sorting tab to change the date range or sort your schedule.
  • In addition to adding tasks and time off for your team, you can also add new people and projects from the mobile app. 
  • Keep track of the latest changes made to your account from the activity feed.
  • Pages can be refreshed by swiping down on your screen. 

Important Notes

  • Dragging/dropping and the right-click tools are not supported.
  • Reports are not currently available via the mobile app. 
  • The custom sort order can only be set from the web version of your account. 
  • Members whose access view is set to "Their schedule" will only see the schedule and the activity feed.

Take your team on the go by downloading the Float app from the App Store!

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